Academic Job Search Series: Teaching Statements

September 14, 2016 | 2:00 pm
Newcomb Hall, Kaleidoscope Room

Application deadlines for academic positions are approaching quickly. The Academic Job Search series of interactive workshops will help you prepare for your academic job search in just a few days! Whether you're applying for jobs this year or are considering applying for faculty positions in the future these workshops will teach you about the faculty job application process and documents. Applying for postdoc positions? We will also discuss points of similarity and difference in postdoc applications during these workshops.


Reflective Teaching Statements

In this workshop, participants will learn what a reflective teaching statement is and what qualities make it effective. Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate sample teaching statements, examine conventions of teaching statements across disciplines, and begin to articulate their own teaching philosophy. This workshop is facilitated by the UVA Center for Teaching Excellence.